Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why you should be vegan

Bet you are expecting a few studies, PETA videos and charts right about now. But let me be frank: I don’t give a cheeseburger whether or not you eat cheeseburgers. You are reading and that is pretty awesome to me. If nothing else I would be happy a meat eater tries a recipe as I write it and likes it. But I am ALSO very happy finding out people tried my kale pizza recipe and added prosciutto or added chicken to my spaghetti squash recipe. Since I was in fourth grade and following retro recipes in an American Girl cookbook I’ve wanted to write my own. Finding out people are toying with recipes too is exactly what I want.
But back to why you should go vegan, gluten and sugar free: It’s up to you. There are studies on why certain things are bad for you but I honestly believe you should listen to what your body wants. Try out diets, find out what works for you, or don’t change your eating habits at all. Food is fun, and I personally feel that my blog would probably be less fun (or even inspiring) if I showed pictured of animals being treated horribly.
Please never feel I’m being preachy- a preachy vegan was actually a roadblock NOT an inspiration to my adventure into this way of eating.
Have fun and eat well!

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