Friday, August 12, 2011

Gluten Intolerance

I get headaches. I thought they were migraines, my doctor said, “NO, they are not migraines, are you pregnant?” After several negative pregnancy tests, disappointing appointments, bad reactions to medication, and no end to them in sight I gave up. I figured it was time to live with them. Okay- let’s that that aside and get along with my story.

So, a few years ago a dear friend told me that she not only was allergic to gluten but it was terrible for anyone to ingest. I shrugged it off- I was a die hard “carbavore” and was addicted to French toast and sandwiches. But it was always there, especially as other people were starting telling me that gluten was bad. Gluten free items started popping up in stores.... but alas, I loved my bread.

A couple months before my 10-day-turned-no-end-in-sight vegan/gluten free adventure began someone asked me what I was allergic to. I was very confused because I didn’t feel at all like I was having an allergic reaction. (Side note: I’m allergic to peaches and my whole mouth and throat breaks out and I have a hard time breathing if I accidentally eat them.) I laughed it off- my skin gets weird bumps sometimes it’s something I had also learned to live with.

A month into my 10-day-turned-no-end-in-sight vegan/gluten free adventure I wanted to eat my favorite non-vegan/gluten-free veggie burger at my favorite restaurant. The next morning I had a raging headache.

I looked at my hands.

They were blotchy.

I thought...

I have NOT had a headache in a month.


It all made so much sense. So that’s how I discovered I am intolerant to gluten.

Yay for no more headaches!

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